Registered Charity No. 214872

We will be making ‘bucket’ collections in and around Bromley High Street on the three days of the weekend before Christmas.

Friday the 17th

Saturday the 18th

Sunday the 19th

We have permission from the Police to collect at the following points on these days:

Outside The Glades entrance (North)

Outside The Glades entrance (South)

Outside Primark

Outside Wilko

We also have permission for one point within The Glades.


(Street ‘bucket’ collections)

Each day / each point will be allocated to a ‘collecting’ group.

That group will organise for their own volunteers to cover the rota for the day.

The suggestion is that each day is divided into 3 sessions of about 2 hours each

and is covered by one (or maybe two) people.

No banners - just a Hi-Viz tabard, a bucket and a GoodBox terminal.

FRI 17th

SAT 18th

SUN 19th

Inside Glades

Glades North

Glades South